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Questioning Authority: Politicians and Pastors Edition

Realization of the Night

I realized something tonight while still running on my high of 4 cups of coffee today, I need to fight more. Normally when my brain is running on all cylinders and functioning at the rate I like, I can get a bit feisty. This kind of behavior usually turns me to looking for impracticalities, problems or injustices around me that no one is really questioning and I start to pick at them and look for answers. Today it was our city counsel and local utilities company. Im sure they enjoyed my making their life a bit more difficult, but what was and continues to go on needs to be questioned. 

The Thought

This leads me to my thought for the night. Who is questioning the authority that has been placed above us in this life? There are two types of authority that I can think of at this moment that always need to be questioned, politicians and pastors. These two authorities have way too much to benefit from their constituents ignorance and they tend to overlap in their characteristics. I’m not saying that all politicians and pastors are corrupt, but all should be questioned as to what they are communicating to their constituents. There needs to be openness and at the very least discussion in our government and our churches with the people that these authorities serve. 

Where so much of our lives are dictated and decided upon, shouldn't there be ongoing questioning as to why choices are made and do we actually agree those choices?

The Issue

We as the people are not suppose to elect officials or hire pastors and assume that our part is done because they now hold the reigns. We live in a democracy where we get to question and not be persecuted for it, but when that is forgotten it ceases to be a true democracy. We aren’t doing anyone a favor by assuming that our elected officials know what we want and what we stand for. This leads to their demise as a representative because it is now up to them to decide for millions of people what is right for their silent constituents. 


As for pastors, I’ve seen too many get wrapped up in feeling like they need to bring their own version of being relevant to suit their congregations and bring minimal questioning and thought into their church. How is it that the world is suppose to get better when its taught to not question the pastor and swallow whatever crazy ass doctrine is thrown out from the pulpit? I’ve heard it over and over again from churches and ministries, if you don't agree with us, maybe you don't belong here. How is that beneficial to anyone? How can you grow in your doctrine, in your daily life, in so many important ways without questioning the status quo? 

In Conclusion

Thought is a beautiful thing and it is not something to be taken for granted. Please, Please, Please if you are reading this, ask questions. Think about what you believe and what you stand for and ask why? Why do I believe the things I do and is this a good idea? Take advantage of our freedoms and ask questions. Push and prod for answers to questions that aren’t being answered. We need more thinkers who are willing to not settle for the excuse of “this was the hand I was dealt.” We need to help the people who have the privilege to serve us and who have the responsibility to represent and teach us. For the love of all that is Holy and for humanity, don’t stop asking questions.


Please feel free to continue this discussion in the comments section below. I will do my best to engage with you and continue the discussion as it moves forward.