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Why Thinking is a Good Thing

The Start of Something…

So this topic is way bigger than a single blog. It is a lifetime supply of writing material. I can’t promise to write that much, but I definitely have a ton on my mind in relation to this topic. It incorporates into everything we do and every way we think. It plays into our theology, our politics, our creativity, our world and everything in between. 


So What is Thinking?

I suppose my idea of thinking plays more into questioning. Questioning what we do, what we believe, what we say and why we say it. Why do I believe what I believe about God, about life, about the poor and rich, the education system, family, the world, food and on and on and on. These things matter and they matter with such importance that our whole existence will be shaped by what we believe about them and how we act on those beliefs. So why not question those beliefs and think about them? I’m not much of a ponderer for pondering sake, but pondering is incredibly important in the realm of questioning and thinking, as is differing perspectives. I believe we all deep down are searching for a real and sustaining truth that we can take solace in when our worlds are falling apart and when they are at the pinnacle of joy.


Is Thinking a Good Thing?

I believe thinking is a good thing. I also believe questioning is pertinent to thinking. This isn’t necessarily a given in todays world, at least not in the U.S. We tend to follow routine or how we were taught or have been doing things for years or social pressures. Questioning what we believe is hard, it’s draining and it upsets the routine of life. So why the hell would anyone do it? I believe we all come to a place eventually, or at least I hope we do, when settling is no longer good enough. Where our theology, our political views, and everything else meets a real and uncompromising world that demands the best of us and we either have it in us or we don’t. We either face the reality that we don't have a clue and need one or we run in the opposite direction to our safe places. 


There are a lot of questions that get formed in incredibly hard times and we usually want some kind of answer that will be honest and true. That doesn’t mean we are going to get it, but our hearts tend to search for the answer that will satisfy our hunger for some sort of reasonability. What do we do in these situations, do we run to our go to answer of, “This was just part of God’s plan” or do we question why this is really happening? This is why questioning and thinking are important. It is the first step to changing this world.


So my conclusion and request of any reader of this blog, go drink some coffee, wake up and question your life. Question your theology. Question your views of this world. What do they line up to? Are you really and truly happy with what you have come to believe? Do these thoughts and beliefs have the ability to change this world for the better? Are they rooted in love and will others know that love when these beliefs are seen?

In the coming weeks/months I hope to break down multiple parts of life and how I have seen them relate to the gigantic realm of our thought processes.