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Inspiration for a Life’s Work

I am part of an amazing network of business people that meet once a week as a group and meet one on one with each other throughout the rest of the week to talk about business and life. I’ve been asked in the past and I continue to be asked, “What made you want to go into online media? What is your goal for your business?” 
I realized something tonight while still running on my high of 4 cups of coffee today, I need to fight more. Normally when my brain is running on all cylinders and functioning at the rate I like, I can get a bit feisty.
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Why Thinking is a Good Thing

So this topic is way bigger than a single blog. It is a lifetime supply of writing material. I can’t promise to write that much, but I definitely have a ton on my mind in relation to this topic. It incorporates into everything we do and every way we think.
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The Facade of Being Like Christ

I want to start a discussion. Mostly to get people thinking and questioning what they believe and why they believe it. Its the main reason I started this blog and I hope to write more in the future with this same goal in mind.
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Marriage: Ridiculous and Fighting

So I sent a message to my friends on Facebook and Twitter and asked for suggestions for topics to write about. Among the most ridiculous suggestions like ninjas and chocolate, was one legitimate answer, Marriage. This seemed like a good starting topic toward my attempt to blog regularly. And so here we are... (I should tell you that I don’t believe in censoring myself much, so there maybe a few bad words in here… and all my blogs. If that offends you, please feel free to substitute the word with something less offensive to you.)
There are a lot of arguments about how we are losing our freedom today. I don't agree with all of them but some I do. There is one that has recently got my attention and has me really concerned and upset. It is about 3 senior citizens that decided to stand up for what they believe in and are paying a huge price for it now.
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Welcome To My Blog

My name is Braden Walker and if you are stumbling onto my site, welcome and thanks for checking out my blog.